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Over the years the phrase “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product” has become less and less true, as more companies treat the user both as a customer and a product, at Pestle, we’re different.

The Important Bits

Beyond the information which Apple provides to developers (provided you have opted in), Pestle collects very little in the way of analytics or usage data. We do not collect identifiable information on how you use Pestle. This includes how many recipes you store, which websites are the most popular, how much you cook, etc. We may collect aggregate information about your usage, but this collection is anonymous and such can never be traced back to you.

So what does Pestle Collect?

Despite our best efforts, when you try and import a recipe to Pestle it may fail. This is due to the varied nature of how recipe websites structure their data. In such a case, we take note of the failing URL and upload to our database. This is so we can work to support the website in the future. We do not store any information about who uploaded it. This means your submission is completely anonymous.


If Pestle crashes, your crash report will be uploaded to Crashlytics. This is so we can investigate the cause of the crash and fix it. Attached to your crash report is your unique user ID, this is to assist you if you contact support, as we'll be able to locate your crash reports instantly. If you wish to disable the upload of crash reports, there is an option for this in settings :)

Purchase Information

Your purchase information is stored on RevenueCat, along with your User ID. This is so when you log into Pestle on a new device, we can unlock features automatically without you having to click Restore Purchases

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above policy, you can email me, or reach out on Twitter
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