Import Recipes from Anywhere

With Pestle you can build your own cookbook by saving recipes from anywhere on the internet. Pestle will intelligently scan the recipe for ingredients, steps, nutritional information, and more.

Step by Step Cooking

Pestle turns every recipe into an easy step-by-step guide, making every recipe easily achievable. You can reveal quantities with a tap and start unlimited timers. Don't want to get your screen dirty while cooking? Simply say, "Next", and Pestle will move along for you.

A recipe's ingredients being scaled up and down with Pestle
Pestle being used with a friend with SharePlay on FaceTime in iOS 15

Cook Together

With SharePlay in iOS 15, Pestle enables you to cook with anybody from around the world. When you are on a FaceTime with someone and start cooking with Pestle, the steps will synchronise between you. When you click next on your screen, it’ll move to the next step on their screen also.

Scale & Convert

Stop wasting ingredients and scale recipes up or down to the exact servings you need. Doubling a recipe in your head may be easy, but what about going from 4 servings to 10? With Pestle it's all done for you.

You can also convert units from Metric to Imperial, or vice versa, instantly.

A recipe's ingredients being scaled up and down with Pestle